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This is rarely the case but just check your junk mail and your email server settings.

Absolutely. With traffic levels set to rise, this means an increase in road congestion. Ultimately this means more CO2 emmitted which isn't great for the enviornment. We believe if we can help cut our customers' journeys, then we're fulfilling our responsibility to reduce carbon footprint in the communities in which we operate. Not only do we want to make the world we live in a bit more simpler, we want to make it smarter too.

MobiFuel is the first on-demand fuel delivery service in the region. Our mission is to make the world we live in that little bit simpler; providing the convenience a traditional petrol station can’t. You can be at work, home, gym or anywhere, just know that you don’t have to carry out the chore of filling up your tank. Let us do it for you.

Our fuel prices are aligned or lower than your local petrol station. We aim to give you the best quality for the best prices.

At Mobifuel we take our quality seriously. The HazMat training our Pilots have completed ensures fuel dispensing equipment is checked daily for leaks, spills, dirt and damages.

Our fuel is sourced from the same above-ground dispensaries as your local petrol station and is certified by the appropriate authorities. Also, as we’re an on-demand service, we don’t rely on long underground storage solutions which can often hamper the quality once dispensed.

We are currently providing Diesel with plans to introduce Unleaded Petrol in the near future.

MobiFuel is Weights and Measures certified. We use the exact same pump and meter systems as any petrol station with auto-shutoff when the system has dispensed the amount of fuel (in litres) you’ve paid for. Once the Pilot has completed the job, you would receive a receipt with confirmation of the transaction.

Our pilots are highly trained individuals who have undertaken numerous hours of Health & Safety, Hazard Awareness and Driver Training.

Imagine getting into your car in the morning as you travel to work and realising, you’re low on fuel and that your journey will now take longer than planned. Or perhaps you’ve been waiting in a long petrol queue during rush hour, behind a driver who’s decided to do their weekly shop inside! Do you often see greasy pumps wishing they were cleaned more often? Even worse when disposable gloves have run out! You may be a business owner with a fleet that's costing too much in fuel management.

A lot of inconvenience, right?

That’s exactly why MobiFuel was created; to provide comfort and convenience in an ever-changing landscape. You could be at home, work, gym or in your downtime and just know, you never have to worry about filling up your vehicle/s. There’s MobiFuel that can do that for you. The added bonus is we’re natural at social distancing!

Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm. Corporate and Fleet customers can contact us for specific needs outside of these hours.

Absolutely. Our vehicles can accommodate for small to large fleets. Please contact us if you have an enquiry.

When you place your order using a card for the first time, it will go through a pre-authorisation process by our payment processor. This is not a charge; it just verifies the account has the sufficient funds to cover your transaction and any held amount is returned in full to your account (all in the background!) once the order is pre-authorised. After the fuel is delivered to your vehicle, you will be charged for the total amount of fuel actually filled in your vehicle.

You will then receive an email with your order receipt listing the number of litres, price per litre and the total amount charged on your card. We trust this is as clear as it gets.

Yes, our pilots will keep you updated throughout the process. As soon as we have finished, we will notify you on completion.

It simple, download our app, available on Apple Store or Google Play and follow the simple instructions to get started.

Not at all, as you can leave your car locked and have your fuel cap opened slightly. We will notify you when our Pilot is on the way so you can have it ready for us at point of delivery. Once fuelled we will close it.

No, this is what makes MobiFuel an attractive service. Whilst you are busy with your day to day activities we will come and fuel for you whether you’re at the gym, office, home or anywhere. Its what we call contactless fuelling. Just leave the fuel cap opened and our pilots will close it once finished.